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WebWideCash strives to make you money by giving you access to the tools you need to drive traffic and boost your profits right away!
We're constantly updating our tools and making sure that however you have your sites or blogs set up, there's a tool for you to use to get going and start seeing your money add up through us.
FLV Clips for Tube Sites
We have hundreds of FLV clips ready for your Tube sites! Clips come complete with titles, descriptions, screenshots and tags.
Just import them using our FLV dump tool, all options are available: you can use our embed codes, or hotlink bare FLV's or download them to your server.
Free Hosted Tube
With everything connected to your webmaster ID, getting credit from sales couldn't be easier when you send traffic to our Free Hosted Tube.
Send traffic to our Free Hosted Tube using your WebWideCash webmaster ID and get credit for all sales coming from any banners, embed clips, embed codes, links, etc.
All links and embed codes at Free Hosted Tube will carry your affiliate ID. It's one of the easiest ways to make money!
Free Hosted Galleries - WMV and FLV
We know that one of best ways to promote sites is through video, so we make sure to keep a healthy stock of Free Hosted Movie Galleries available for you to use.
There are hundreds here in both the classic WMV format as well as tube style FLV movie galleries. Feel free to choose which one suits you best!
RSS Feeds
You can easily set up your blogs and sites to contain our Morphing RSS Feeds.
This will ensure your site a steady flow of action without you having to do much of anything.
Free Hosted Blog
You can link to our Free Hosted Blog easily with constant updates featuring pictures, videos and hot descriptions, and all of the links will carry your affiliate ID.
Embedded Flash Movies / 'MOTD' Daily Movies
It's easy to be use our Embedded Flash Movies, and we host them all on our bandwidth! All you need to do is use our simple embedding codes and put them on your sites or blogs.
Also, our movie of the day promo tool allows you to get new movie clips automatically. All you need to do is add the code to your sites, or use a thumbnail or text link. It's just that simple!
Free Content
We keep over 1,000 free movie clips available for you to use at all times, giving you access to one of the best ways to drive traffic and earn money.
We have a wide selection of high quality banners available for you to place on your sites, and we offer them in a variety of sizes to make sure you can find the one you need.
Text Descriptions
Get your viewers drooling and begging for more with descriptive texts and mini reviews for all of our sites.
Our writers know just what the user wants to see to get them hot, and to get them signing up!
Free Hosted Sites
If you're a LinkList owner, you can easily use our efficient Free Hosted Sites that we give you access to.
Just another way that we supply you with the tools to drive the traffic and make you money!
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